Fancy yourself a fan of the paranormal? Then you probably already have a good idea of the most haunted houses. However, do you really know them all? As you are quickly going to discover, the number and range of haunted houses across the globe is absolutely staggering. Taken as a whole, the number of haunted houses in North America alone is something that is bound to impress you.

5 Famous Haunted Houses

Some places are more paranormal than others. To that end, there are several ghost-centric spots that you should keep in mind. At the same time, it’s not a bad idea by any means to brush up on some of the spookiest homes and buildings in the United States. These are places with numerous sightings, troubling backstories, or a grim combination of the two.


Let’s get started with 5 famous haunted houses that are definitely worth your time:

1. The Chelsea Hotel: Located in New York City, the hotel garnered a reputation early on for drawing writers and other artists. Visitors in the present will tell you that it’s possible to catch a glimpse of Dylan Thomas or Eugene O’Neil.

2. Woodburn Mansion: The spirit of the builder is just one of the ghosts you can find at this mansion, which has been the home of the Governor for the past several decades.

3. Winchester Mystery House: This massive Victorian mansion, located in California,  offers one-hundred-and-sixty rooms. It also offers secret pathways, and numerous other links to the hidden world.

4. The Amityville House: The house that spawned a film franchise, this is a home that saw six individuals from the DeFeo murdered by one of their own. If that means anything to you, then you are not going to be surprised by how much paranormal trouble the house has experienced through the years.

5. Ferry Plantation House: Most haunted houses feature only one or two spirits, or perhaps three. This Virginia Beach location is pretty amazing then, considering the fact that some eleven spirits are believed to be existing there.

Where are the Most Ghosts?

When it comes to spots with the most ghosts, you really can’t go wrong with a long look at Gettysburg. While you will need to join or book a tour to see all of them, there are several that you are also free to visit on your own during certain specified hours. Sachs Covered Bridge, which can be found along Water Works Road, is seen by many as the most haunted area in all of Gettysburg. However, in order to enjoy this experience for yourself at night, you will need to be part of a tour.

Hoffman Mansion is another example of something you are only going to be able to see while on a tour. Nonetheless, anyone who has experienced Hoffman Mansion for themselves is going to tell you that this is well worth doing. The Grove is another along those lines. You can find it behind Warrior Stadium.


777 Baltimore Street is home to the Children’s Orphanage. It is also the address that the Ghostly Images group would call home. It was shut down when it was discovered that the owner had been chaining children to the walls, it has one of the darkest ghost stories in all of Gettysburg.

Finally, if you want to check out a battlefield that is seriously haunted, take some time to visit the Devil’s Den. This destination is widely considered to be one of the scariest battlefields you are ever going to come across. When it comes to the name of the ghost you are going to meet, there is really no way to say who is going to come along!

Visit A Haunted House Today

By no means are the suggestions above comprehensive. You are going to discover that Gettysburg alone has a number of additional sights to behold. You will also find several more haunted houses, mansions, and other locations throughout the United States.

If you want a few more suggestions you can try out, look into the Jennie Wade House, the area surrounding the Doubleday Inn, and the Tillie Pierce House Inn. There are even more examples of haunted houses that you can discover all across the planet. Why not consider a haunted house road trip?