San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area is a great place to celebrate Halloween, particularly if you’re old enough to enjoy a couple of drinks at some of the most exciting and eclectic watering holes on the West Coast.

At the same time, nothing ruins a Halloween faster than getting a DUI, according to Sacramento DUI Attorneys. You’ll want to make sure that you are responsible while enjoying your time during this holiday, avoiding even the slightest imitation of sliding behind the wheel after you have had a couple of drinks.

Local law enforcement in the Bay Area always establishes a number of DUI checkpoints during Halloween. They also have officers “walking the beat” and are tremendously responsive to any phone call that might be related to individuals driving around while impaired.

Some of the more popular DUI checkpoints include:

  • Locations on the Oregon Expressway an the Page Mill Road
  • Locations throughout the Peninsula Region in Redwood City
  • Locations on South Spruce Avenue and Victory Avenue in South San Francisco
  • Locations on Cesar Chavez Street, Van Ness Avenue, and S. Van Ness Avenue
  • Locations on Point San Pedro Road, to the east of Mooring Road

… And a handful of other locations throughout the Bay Area community to keep locals and visitors safe.

You’ll obviously want to be aware of where these DUI checkpoints are located and visiting the California DUI Checkpoints website will usually give you an up-to-the-minute list of where these checkpoints are set up throughout Halloween.

Of course, you’ll also want to be sure that you are doing everything to enjoy a happy and safe Halloween, including:

  • Taking advantage of a sober designated driver
  • Arranging to be picked up and dropped off by a taxi or ridesharing service
  • Calling sober friends or family members to pick you up when you recognize that you have had too much to drive
  • Planning your Halloween festivities so that you don’t have to drive but can instead walk or take public transportation to every hotspot
  • Throw or attend a house party where you’ll be staying for the night

It’s also important that you remember that you don’t try to “sleep one off” in your vehicle if you have been drinking in the Bay Area. It’s possible to receive a DUI even if you aren’t driving, and it’s better to be safe rather than sorry – especially with the lifelong repercussions that can follow a DUI in California.

Armed with the inside information above, you’ll be able to avoid some significant life altering consequences that come from this kind of charge. It’s never safe or a good idea to slide behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have been drinking. You not only put your life at risk, but you also put the lives of any passengers or fellow motorists on the road at risk as well.

It’s also possible to catch quite a bit of jail time, the loss of your driver’s license, in the penalty of having to spend a lot more money on insurance if you are charged with a DUI. Don’t let your Halloween get ruined by this kind of blackeye.